Monday, October 15, 2007

Being Me...what does that mean?

“We're constantly being told what other people think we are, and that's why it is so important to know yourself.” ~ Sarah McLachlan

While wondering the mall, my husband and I decided to browse through Hot Topics. My husband went for the t-shirts and I just poked around. I came across the hair coloring products and a ring of hair color samples. I playfully put them up to my hair and asked my husband if he thought I would look good in any of those colors. He said that the hot pink suited me and the crazy idea of trying it out stuck in my head. Now, at first the idea started with semi-permanent highlights..just something I could do myself at home. No bleaching or anything involved. I was wishy-washing the idea and decided to enlist the help of my younger, spunker sister..who would surely be all for helping me try this out. The thing is that she WASN'T all for it. Instead she told me why she thought that pink highlights wouldn't suit me at all. It's not part of my personality, she had said, just not something she could see me doing. I was a little flabbergasted.

I know I have a routine about my life, and I do enjoy it to some extent. However alot of the routine has come more from necessity then wanting it to be this way. So, I might not be the image of what others think of when hot pink hair is brought up. But does a person have to act a certain way in order to take part of funky hair coloring? Or outlandish tattoos? Or body peircings?

I guess I am struggling more with the idea that people might not perseve me as I perserve myself. Even thought I might not be up for a last minute movie I am still lively and enjoy being different and out there. Just because I have never colored my hair a fun color before doesn't mean I haven't thought about it. I struggle with the idea that I might be 'too old' for that. What exactly is the age limit for coloring your hair hot pink? And do I have to start staying out late every night? Hitch-hiking to rock concerts?

I've decided that I'm going to try the hot pink hair anyways. But now, instead of just home done highlights, I'm going to my hair lady and having my hair bleached out and a permenant color put in. It's just hair after all..its one of the few things in my life that I can change and know that it can always go right back if I want it to.


  1. Hey there - found your blog while looking for things about pink hair. FWIW I don't think you are too old at all. I'm thinking about it (or some other color) for myself and I am 45 - now that *is* on the old side and I'm not sure about it. I think you will look cute with a "wilder" color if you want to go for it.

  2. I think that going with pink hair is a great expression of yourself, especially if you want people to know more about who you really are and who you can be. Go for it (and post pictures)! When do you plan to have this done?

    I've decided that when I finally get my double Master's, I'm going to get a nose stud, you know the very teeny-tiny kind right in the side of the nose. I love those although NO ONE sees me as being that type.

    I do though and that is what counts!


    Karen Beth :)

  3. Hot pink hair would totally rock on you! For one, you have the dark hair and pink chunks look fabo on dark hair. Two, you have those beautiful eyes, so again, the pink and the dark are you just going to add more sex appeal to the sexy thing you've already got going on.

    I do understand, though, the idea that others don't perceive us the way we see ourselves. As social beings, that's one of our greatest obstacles. Oh, and for the record, I didn't die my hair pink until I was 30!

    I don't think things like tats or funky hair is about age, necessarily, I think it's about attitude. Not necessarily some punk rock or hipster attitude (though I'm sure it helps), but more of a "I'm spunky and I'm fun and I don't care what you think" attitude. It's a little less "down with the man" than rock-n-roll tradition. :o) I didn't find that 'tude until my late 20's, early 30's. Prior to then, I was very plain jane and felt obligated to fit into some cookie-cutter mold of what a mother and military spouse should be. I wasn't really happy though. I felt lost and disconnected with everyone, but mostly with the person I felt I was inside. As silly as it is, it really is important to have your outside match how you feel in the inside, otherwise there's this underlying battle brewing and either way, you lose a part of who you really are. I did it out a fear of judgment (fear is so crippling), but one day I realized that this is my life, my choice and the only one responsible for my inner happiness was me. And if that meant trying blue hair (something I'd wanted to do for 10 years), then by golly, so be it! The only reason my hair isn't dyed now is because some stupid stylist burned the bageezies out of it back in March and I told myself I'd wait until winter before putting bleach to it again.

    There are two running misconceptions about me, that I'm aware of. Certain people, because of my tats and piercings, think I'm way cooler than I really am. I have fashion cool moments, yes, and I have a couple of piercings and a few tattoos, but I'm basically a big dork. Other groups of people, again, because of the tattoos, think I can't possibly be homey or momsified, both of which I totally am. Because of these two misconceptions, I find myself on the outskirts of most social settings. I either don't know what to say to the people who are in fact really cool (who know tons about music and culture, the latest trends in whatever, etc.) and the other (conservative) people don't want to talk to me.

    If you're of a certain religion belief, people assume you're one way.
    If you're a stay at home mom, people assume you're a certain way.
    If you're a military on and so on. It's true no matter who you are, you're going to be perceived as a certain way until you prove otherwise. Sucky as it is, it's our lot in life as humans. So I try to match as much of my outside with how I feel on the inside and the rest simply comes from people getting to know me. If my outside prevents someone from wanting to know my inside, then good. I don't want people like that in my life anyway.

    I say, be who you want to be. Pink hair, black hair, short hair, long hair or no hair. You'll be honoring yourself and there is no greater reward than that (okay, maybe besides the $1 million pay off from Publishers Clearinghouse) and those that love you best will embrace you. Those who can't handle it, well, screw 'em! It's their loss!

    ps. apologies in advance for any spelling or grammar errors. i'm not proofing because I've got to get the balls to call up and quit my job. Sheesh..will blog about that fiasco tomorrow!

  4. Oh and pss.
    October is breast cancer awareness month. If people give you crap about pink hair, you could always say you're doing your part to show support for boobies! ;oP

  5. I'm with the others - I say go for it!

    If it's something that's really been on your mind, then it's something you're meant to do - simple as that. And if you find that you don't like it, it IS only hair, and it's easy to fix.

    Go for it girl! :-)

  6. Found your blog via NaBloPoMo. Glad I did.

  7. thanks for stopping by my blog. did you know that i got my nose pierced when i was 33? and that i dye my hair all sorts of colors. you do what you think would be fun. if you think it expresses you, it does!

  8. My workplace is extremely conservative, so I have to dress very preppy to be taken seriously. I would probably dress pretty preppy anyway, so it's not much of a big deal. I wish I could occasionally break out the pink hair without it being a big deal! Post a picture once you do the pink stripe!

  9. So, what color is your hair now? I have hot pink, regular pink and baby pink hair extensions. All in support of Breast Cancer awareness month. I have to say, I am a kid's art teacher, so my kids and their parents think it is cool and not too surprising. My church "peeps" however, have surprised me with their funny looks and even one pretty snarky comment. (Although she is pregnant and I forgave her, not to mention I'm pretty sure it is just wrong to curse at someone in church!) I was surprised at the church people reaction. Oh well. In the end... I say--go for it! Maybe try a few extensions first, see if you like it, before you totally change.

    My "what if" is a tattoo. Polka dot witchis my pal and she inspired me with her nose ring. But, I'm still a little skittish about a tattoo...or maybe the correct word is chicken.